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The project "Mozart a case di Tito Mattei" (Mozart visits Tito Mattei) aims to promote the cultural resources of Molise within an international context and comparison with Austrian culture, with the organization of initiatives that integrate the concept of Tourism and Culture. The project wants to give credit to the musician and composer Campobassano of 1800 Tito Mattei who for years has been the subject of study and research by the Baritone Nicola Ziccardi. In fact, works have been found that in the future will also have the possibility of being represented. The final concert of the Masterclass will allow the performance of songs and ensembles of the musician from Campobasso together with famous pieces by Mozart. 


The first and original Exhibition in an opera that will highlight our region of Molise and Austria. The photographic and pictorial exhibition, which will constitute the very scenography of the opera, will be curated by the artist Siglind Buchmayer (painter, photographer and soprano, native of Salzburg), by the photographer Rossella De Rosa and by the German Galerie Frey who will host in Germany the replica of the concert that will be performed in Oratino at the conclusion of the Masterclass. The public will have the double role of a spectator of the opera and visitors of the Art exhibition. In fact, during the break between the third and fourth act, the public will be able to get on stage, through a guided passage to see the exhibition.


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